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SYNLawn Super Yarn™ Technology

SYNLawn's Super Yarn™ offers our market its industry's most innovative technology to date

Super Yarn Technology
Super Yarn

1. Super Yarn technology binds each additive to the molecular level of the fiber meaning that you cannot reach down and remove one element.

2. SYNLawn Super Yarn is the first fifth generation turf product produced and presented to the market

3. SYNLawn is the only company in the industry to offer the following three molecular components built into the product itself


Santized® Antimicrobial

1. Sanitized helps eliminate pet odors and provides long lasting protection against the formation of bacteria and algae.

2. Sanitized works by eliminating bacterial growth and preventing the propagation of backing on SYNLawn face fibers

3. ASTM E2149-01/10 shows that Sanitized in the face fiber had a reduction of >99% of the bacteria’s reduced, which were E. Coli and Strep.

4. Sanitized is a silver-based technology that has been used for centuries, thus meaning the additive is very dependable and extremely safe.

5. Other companies using this additive are: Levi Jeans, Sleep Number, Timberland, Bauer Hockey, & Orvis


DualChill™ IR Reflective

1. Infrared light is a detriment to turf. Over time this light, invisible to the human eye, gets absorbed into the turf fibers and softens them over time making them less resilient.

2. DualChill is introduced to the fiber and acts as a thermal shield, meaning that IR is not absorbed into the fiber.

3. Test results done on the same fiber package, with and without DualChill, shows that there is an average of a 34.7% increase in IR reflectivity. Test showed results up to 42% improvement.

4. DualChill also yields improved physical characteristics for the fibers on a variety of test.

5. SYNLawn Turf fibers will now be longer lasting and more dependable due to the DualChill upgrade.


StatBlock™ Anti-Static

1. StatBlock is a new carbon-based anti-static ingredient molecularly bound into the face fibers that inhibits the buildup of static electricity

2. Anti-static components are used in the industry but SYNLawn brings the first DNA level addition.

3. Testing shows up to a 17x reduction in static levels when StatBlock in introduced into the turf.