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The Benefits of SYNLawn

Synthetic grass and artificial turf have wonderful benefits they bring to every installation. You certainly won't have to mow it, again! Think of the impact you will have on reducing your own carbon footprint and use of harmful chemicals!

SYNLawn is extremely low maintenance, and, when taken care of, can last an extremely long time.

Originally, sports field projects drove the development of most turf products and the benefits would trickle down to the residential and commercial landscape user, but that has changed. Today's synthetic grass and artificial turf yarns deliver outstanding durability, safety, and value, so many homeowners are opting to have SYNLawn installed in their yards.

Not only are homeowners falling in love with the look and feel of SYNLawn, they are reaping the benefits of zero watering cost, durability, and never having mow or weed their lawn!

Another great benefit of installing SYNLawn is that many of the turfs that you can choose from come with the exclusive HeatBlock technology, which creates a lower rising temperature by reflecting sunlight, and creating a cooler feel.

The Benefits of SYNLawn include:

  • Zero watering cost
  • No more mowing the lawn
  • HeatBlock Technology means a cooler, more comfortable lawn
  • Padded underlayment systems available for fall height rating
  • Less allergies for children and pets
  • You will never have to use toxic chemicals to ward away common pests that feed on natural grass
  • No more yellow pet stains
  • No more muddy paws

Contact us today to find out more about how your upcoming SYNLawn project and the many benefits you will received with your SYNLawn artificial grass.